Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FteTrack Changes (January 2016)

A new Data Element Total Service Minutes has been added to FTE file layout. Official Data Collection Documentation page defines this field as follows:

Report the total number of minutes for all IEP services which were in effect the week of the FTE count. Report for active students only.
One word of caution though, your SIS FTE Extract program may not have this new field in the file yet, so you may see a few of these new errors, but, you can still load the FTE file without this new data element. FteTrack will accept the file in old format, in fact, we encourage users to load their files regularly now and not wait for the DOE window to open, or, SIS vendor to release updates.

FteTrack file load process has been updated to account for this new data element, several new error codes (Fig 1) are associated with this field and can be found under "FTE Errors and Warnings summary". We also have a new report (Fig 2, 3 & 4) under "FTE MENU" with drill down capabilities.

Total Service Minutes has also been added to the Student Detail page (Fig 5)

Another big change that a lot of users have requested, is the ability to assign/remove access to individual applications (buttons on FteTrack Launchpad) for each user. Now, you can do that (Fig 6)
For example, you can give access to HR folks on CPI Track only, or, hide the CPI Track completely for school based users who don't need to deal with CPI information at all.

You can also shut off a particular application completely for everybody. CRDC Update will be a good such candidate at this point, given the new CRDC data collection cycle doesn't start until after August. Let us know if you need to do this as this can be done very easily by running a simple SQL script rather than updating one user at a time.

Fig 1
Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5
Fig 6

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