Friday, August 7, 2015

CRDC and FteTrack

Have you finished CRDC, yet? If not, you've probably noticed how glacial the site has become. Did you know you can 'apply' for an extension? Simply log into the CRDC site and look for the 'Admin' link. Then click on Submit Extension Request. You can select 2 week extension (to Fri. Aug. 21st) or submit a request for an additional extension (that one is a form).

With all that we do in the summer, we hardly have time for this one, so it's best to get started early. This is one thing that requires hunting down data we haven’t thought about it in a year, so it can really be a headache. The DOE and FTEtrack have changed all that!
The DOE has already uploaded some of your data to the CRDC website, so you only need to verify it, but there is still some information you will have to get from your schools. You can use FTEtrack to verify AND to collect missing data. All you need is the FTE and Student Record files from 2013-2014 uploaded into FTEtrack, and you’re all set!

The files you’ll need to have uploaded, and the location to upload them to are:

SR Student "C-level":                      C:/StateFiles/CRDC/Student.txt
SR Course "D-level":                      C:/StateFiles/CRDC/Course.txt
SR Student Safety "E-level":          C:/StateFiles/CRDC/Safety.txt
SR Enrollment "F-level":                 C:/StateFiles/CRDC/Enrollment.txt
October FTE:                                    C:/StateFiles/CRDC/FTE1.txt

If you’ve given your principals an account on FTEtrack (you have, haven’t you?) they can log in, select the CRDC forms, and simply look for the items in red. Those are the items that they need to fill in manually, as those are not in your SIS system and have not been uploaded by the DOE for you. These are things like school characteristics, total FTE of teachers and their experience, etc.

FTEtrack really is invaluable for things like how many students took and passed a subject, number of courses that were taught, and student absenteeism…no more digging through prior year data!

Since the DOE has uploaded some information for you, you can compare what is in FTEtrack to what is on the federal CRDC site. If you are using the correct files, the numbers should match or at least be fairly close to what the DOE has uploaded. Once the remaining data is filled in on FTEtrack, you can download the file by logging on as an Administrator to CRDC Track and using "Export" button (on top right). The download file can then be uploaded to the CRDC federal site.

As an administrator for Lamar County over the past 13 years, we have participated in the CRDC data collection nearly every year (for some odd reason…aren’t we lucky?) I can tell you that this year the collection has taken less than an hour for the principals and much less time for me, as opposed to taking days and weeks in the past. If FTEtrack included only the CRDC piece, it is well worth the cost!

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