Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting Ready for New School Year (2016)

First day of school is only a week or two away for most school districts. Most of the students have already been enrolled and scheduled for classes for the next school year.

As we know that most of the FTE segments are derived from students’ schedules, it’s of prime importance to analyze schedules for the next year now and find any missing/incomplete schedules.
This is where Student Class application (Pic 1) comes into the picture.

Pic 1
This application helps you identify:

  • Students with missing or incomplete schedules (Pic 2)
  • Verify that scheduling rules are followed based on grade-level and school, i.e., every student is schedules in correct number of courses based on School/Grade Level
  • Identify students with missing core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies)
  • Make sure classes are balanced in terms of size, i.e., identify classes by Course numbers that may be off the averages by large numbers. Oversize/Under-size class identification
  • Potential Student Class errors/issues

Pic 2

October FTE (2016-1) and Student Class files are only mandatory inputs for this application. You can just pull these files out of your SIS and have them loaded to FteTrack just like you've always done in the past.

Note: If you are having trouble extracting FTE file from Campus (as many of our Campus customers have reported), let us know and we can help you create a file manually.

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