Friday, February 21, 2014

Loading Files to FteTrack

When we install FteTrack on a machine, the install process creates a Shortcut (picture 1 below) for FteTrack Load command on User's Desktop. Later on, if you login to the machine with different UserID than the one we used to install the software, you will not see the Shortcut for the load command.

Picture 1

Monday, February 17, 2014

Updating FTE Track and Student Record Installation files

Download the zipped file containing all of the updated files (link at the bottom)

Unzip the file using Window's unzip utility or any similar zip utility (7-zip, WinRar, Winzip etc.)

Unzip the zipped file
.. then run the Update_FteTrack.cmd as an Administrator. For that, you first select the file, right-click, then choose "Run as administrator" from the context menu.
Run as administrator

After running an update of the software, you must run the Load commands by clicking the respective Shortcut on your Desktop.

You must do this because the update process drops and create some of the internal database tables, thus, rendering all of the reports invalid. Running the Load command rebuilds all of the reports.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Turning User Account Control (UAC) Off in Windows 7

We have had several problems recently when we were trying to install FTE Track on a user's machine in a GoToMeeting session, mainly because the target machine had User Account Control (UAC) turned on.

So, here is how you turn UAC off on a Windows 7 machine.

Click on Windows Start Button (ORB) and type in "User" in the search box, without quotes that is.

Select "Change User Account Control settings" under Control Panel group as shown in the picture above.
Then, bring the slider all the way to the bottom (Never notify), click OK and reboot your machine and you have successfully turned off UAC.

Friday, February 7, 2014

HOPE Track

HOPE Track s Dekstop based application that helps counselors/school IT folks preemptively clean data before they submit it to GA411college website.

It's much more effective than the official website and much more superior in terms of functionality and features.

You need to have Adobe AIR run-time installed first, then, download the zipped file from the link at the bottom of this post and unzip (you must unzip the file first) the file and just double-click on the file named HopeTrack.air and follow the prompts.