Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Turning User Account Control (UAC) Off in Windows 7

We have had several problems recently when we were trying to install FTE Track on a user's machine in a GoToMeeting session, mainly because the target machine had User Account Control (UAC) turned on.

So, here is how you turn UAC off on a Windows 7 machine.

Click on Windows Start Button (ORB) and type in "User" in the search box, without quotes that is.

Select "Change User Account Control settings" under Control Panel group as shown in the picture above.
Then, bring the slider all the way to the bottom (Never notify), click OK and reboot your machine and you have successfully turned off UAC.

1 comment:

  1. You can turn it back on after the installation is complete. When we use the GoToMeeting with you to install FTE Track if the UAC is on it will not let us "drive" the mouse. This lengthens the install time by a factor of 3. We are trying to save you time as well as money! :-}