Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Handling SLO Errors efficiently with FteTrack

Most school districts are having to deal with 100s or 1000s of the following errors:

  • E5095 - Course reported as SLO Course in Student Class must also be reported in SR System Course
  • E5096 - Course reported as SLO Course in SR System Course must be 'Y' for SLO Course in Student Class.
  • E6008 - If SLO COURSE = Y, then the SLO PRE-MEASURE is required if the MARKING PERIOD is one of the following 'Y1', 'N1', 'N2','N3',‘S1’, ‘S2’,T1’, ‘T2’, ‘T3’, ‘X1’, ‘X2’, ‘X3’,'X4', unless a valid exemption code is reported.
  • E6011 - In the March cycle, if SLO COURSE = Y, then the SLO POST-MEASURE is required if the MARKING PERIOD is one of the following,‘N1’, ‘N2’, 'S1',T1’, ‘T2’,‘X1’, ‘X2’, ‘X3’, 'X4'
Most of these can be fixed by fixing a few courses/sections even when the total number of errors may seem overwhelming (Pic 1).

Pic 1

Error codes E5095 & E5096 
These are caused as result of System level course file (collected with Student Record) being out of sync with Student Class courses. FteTrack error report gives you a list of courses/sections and NOT the individual SC record counts. In most cases just adding a few courses to System level course file will fix E5095s, whereas, marking individual sections as SLO course and possibly with an exception code of 907 will fix E5096 errors. You need to load your System Course file (Student Record load) to be able to see these errors (see Pic 2 for File name and locations). 

Pic 2

Error Codes E6008 & E6011
These mainly are a result of missing SLO Pre and/or Post scores. Since we are almost in April, so if you don't have a Pre score for an SLO course, in all probability, that course/section should be marked with the exception code of 907 in the SIS. The way error code K060 (Pic 3 & 4)works is : we look for any section where each and every student has a NULL Pre score, i.e., the whole section needs to be marked with the exception code 907. 
Pic 3

Pic 4

Student Record files should be loaded first as error codes E5095 & E5096 make use of System Course file. Also, make sure you load latest copies of Student Class and System Course files.

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