Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Using Schedule Analysis

Schedule Analysis (already installed on FteTrack server) helps you with:
  • Identifying students with missing/incomplete schedules
  • Reduce potential un-funded students/segments for FTE
  • Review class size for various programs & services (identified easily by Course numbers)
  • Make sure scheduling rules are followed for each school/ grade level
  • Review teacher rosters for TKES/LKES system

Logging on to Schedule Analysis:
It's installed on the same server as FteTrack and you use the same userid and password that you use for FteTrack. URL for schedule analysis is http://[ftetrack server]/SA/index.html , where [ftetrack server] is the name or IP address of the machine where FteTrack is installed. For example, http://ftetrack.k12.ga.us/SA/index.html

Setting up Scheduling rules by grade level:
Go to Setup FteTrack page in FteTrack to setup required Core Courses by grade levels as shown below:

Setting up required Core courses by Grade Levels

.. then, head login to Schedule Analysis for an in-depth analysis of Schedules by Courses, Teachers and Students as shown in screenshots below:

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