Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SpedMaximizer Enhancement - now pulls student schedules from FteTrack

Many of our current users have asked in the past if there was a way to show student schedules inside SpedMaximizer student details page.

Now, there is a way!

When you open SpedMaximizer next time, you should get update notification like this:

Go ahead and update the software. After you have updated the software and restart the application, you will get a popup window like the following:

Go ahead and enter the server name or ip address of the machine where FteTrack is installed. This the string between http:// and /FteTrack of the URL you use to login to FteTrack. For example, if you use the URL http://ushasoft-x237/FteTrack/index.php to login to fteTrack, you will enter ushasoft-x237 in the box above and press the Save button.

That's all that is needed for this to work. If you have entered the correct Server Name/IP, you should see student schedules as the picture below:

Comments/feedback welcome.

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